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Attachment H: Delegation of Authority Memorandum

United States Department of Energy


DATE: August 14, 1994
SUBJECT: Delegation of Authority
TO: Manager, DOE Operations Offices
       Manager, Fernald Field Office
       Manager, Rocky Flats Office
       Manager, Golden Office

On April 21, 1994, a memorandum delegating certain authorities related to financial assistance agreements was sent to you. I am expanding the original delegation to include additional categories of financial assistance to facilitate and streamline the award process. Relevant portions of the original memorandum and modifications are provided below.

In accordance with provisions of the Financial Assistance Rules, the Office of Environmental Management (EM) has determined that providing EM funding to support the following activities is principally related to financial assistance rather than procurement:

  • Establishment of groups to improve public participation in decisions concerning environmental issues.
  • Agreements-in-Principal with States to support State Environmental oversight of Department of Energy (DOE) monitoring programs, participation in emergency-response planning for accidents that may occur at DOE facilities and related public information initiatives.
  • Selected innovative research and development efforts.
  • Selected technology transfer initiatives related to the environmental management program.
  • Educational programs, and awards to institutions of higher education, including majority, Historically Black Colleges and Universities and other minority educational institutions.
  • Programs and activities of State and local government related to environmental interface, environmental compliance requirements, and other public interest activities related to accomplishment of Environmental Management goals and objectives.

By this memorandum, I am transferring to you the program and lead responsibility for negotiating and executing financial assistance agreements for such activities under your cognizance, including the authority to approve Determinations of Restricted Eligibility under Part 600.7(b)(1)(i), Determinations of Noncompetitive Financial Assistance under Part 600.7(b)(2)(iii), and Justifications for Acceptance of Unsolicited Proposals under Part 600.14(f), unless regulations require that such determinations must be made by me.

It should be noted that your offices should continue to coordinate with EM in planning for, obtaining appropriate approvals, and implementing the activities funded by EM. Funding for individual transactions will be determined by EM program organizations and transferred as needed to fund designated activities.

You are requested to provide a face page of each agreement issued under this delegation to Kay Rash, EM-16, 1H050, Forrestal Building, Washington, D.C. Please direct questions or comments on this delegation of authority to Ms. Rash at (202) 586-5420.

Thomas P. Grumbly
Assistant Secretary for
Environmental Management

D. Pearman, FM-1
R. Hopf, HR-5

[Note: this memorandum is referred to as Attachment H in Attachment G to the December 22, 1995 State Agreement-in-Principle Program Guidance Memorandum.]