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Third Chapter of Hanford Story Released to Public - Chapter Dedicated to Those Who Helped Complete Projects Funded by Recovery Act

September 15, 2011 - 12:00pm


RICHLAND, Wash. – The Department of Energy is releasing the third chapter of The Hanford Story today to the public. ―Recovery Act‖ is a tribute to the thousands of workers and representatives of regulatory agencies, neighboring states, Tribes, stakeholders, and surrounding communities who came together to put stimulus funding to work at the government site in southeast Washington State.

The video describes how the Department of Energy and its contractors turned a nearly $2 billion investment of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding in 2009 into approximately $3.6 billion worth of environmental cleanup work over the past two years. At the same time, Hanford workers reduced the cleanup footprint of the Hanford Site by more than half (586 square miles to 241 sq. mi. – 59 percent).

The Department has added the video to a page on its website dedicated to the Hanford Story. Discussion questions are available on the web page. For more information on Recovery Act projects at Hanford, go to

The Hanford Story is a multimedia presentation that provides an overview of the Hanford Site—its history, today’s cleanup activities, and a glimpse into the possibilities of future uses of the 586-square-mile government site in southeast Washington State. The Department of Energy is delivering The Hanford Story in a series of video-based chapters dedicated to telling the multi-faceted story of the site, including:

  • The history of producing plutonium
  • Impacts to the environment resulting from producing plutonium
  • Progress being made in cleanup of the site
  • Innovative technologies and solutions being used in cleanup activities
  • Future uses of the Hanford Site

In addition to posting the second chapter of The Hanford Story on YouTube and the Hanford website, the video, along with several other chapters, will be available for display in a mobile kiosk in the coming months.

Representatives of the Department of Energy and its contractors are available to show the video to groups and answer questions. To request a speaker or kiosk visit to your location, contact our Hanford Site Speakers Bureau on the Hanford website, by email at, or by calling (509) 376-6968.