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Savannah River Site Team Wins Carolina Challenge at 2012 DOE Security Protection Officer Competition

April 26, 2012 - 12:00pm


Savannah River Site, Aiken, S.C. – Security Protection Officers from Savannah River Site’s (SRS) security contractor WSI-SRS, today won the Department of Energy (DOE) Secretary’s Trophy as the top DOE team in the 2012 Security Protection Officer Team Competition (SPOTC)- 2012 Carolina Challenge, held here, April 22-26. It was the 40th anniversary of the SPOTC competition.

In 2012 Carolina Challenge, SRS was among 11 teams representing DOE sites. The three man team competition was won by Security Protection Officers representing DOE Headquarters in Washington D. C. Canadian team Bruce Power of Tiverton, Ontario was the top non-DOE team. The WSI-SRS win marked the 10th time an SRS team has won the award. WSI-SRS last won the Secretary’s Trophy in 2009, placing second in 2011.

It’s been a real honor for WSI-SRS to host the 40th SPOTC and to have this elite group of competitors break-in our new state-of-the-art, Advanced Tactical Training Academy and Bobby Davis Range,” said Randy Garver, WSI-SRS Senior Vice President and General Manager. “Having the WSI-SRS team take first place and win the Sectary’s Trophy, made for a great week of safe competition.”

Team Results for the 5-Man Competition respectively were: WSI-SRS; Nevada National Security Site; WSI-Oak Ridge; B&W Pantex; Idaho National Lab; Los Alamos National Lab; and Hanford.

DOE 3-Man Team Competition results respectively were: Headquarters, Washington D.C.; Sandia National Lab, Albuquerque; URENCO USA; and Kansas City Plant.

Non-DOE Teams Competition respectively were: Bruce Power; Columbia County Sheriff’s Office; G4S International Training Inc.; Hydro-Quebec NRF; and Aiken Department of Public Safety.

The competition was open internationally to law enforcement and security teams. Sixteen teams competed including two teams from Canada and two local law enforcement teams representing Columbia County (Georgia) Sherriff’s Office and Aiken Department of Public Safety.

“This is a tough competition that tests and sharpens the skills of security professionals throughout the Department of Energy. Congratulations to all the competitors and especially the winning performance of our SRS-WSI team for their hard-earned Secretary’s Trophy,” said Dr. David Moody, Manager, DOE Savannah River Operations Office.

SPOTC events are designed to challenge handgun and rifle marksmanship, physical stamina, and tactical problem-solving. A team-driven, tactical skills-oriented firearms competition, SPOTC is both physically and mentally challenging. Teams were tested in skills developed to protect national assets in the event of a real-world crisis. Challenges included negotiating various courses, maneuvering safely through obstacles; shooting at targets from unconventional firing positions; and rescuing downed officers.