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Los Alamos National Laboratory - Los Alamos Canyon

January 1, 2014 - 12:00pm


US Department of Energy Groundwater Database
Groundwater Master Report

Installation Name, State: Los Alamos National Laboratory, NM
Responsible DOE Office: National Nuclear Security Administration
Plume Name: Los Alamos Canyon
Remediation Contractor: Los Alamos National Security, LLC
PBS Number: 30
Report Last Updated: 2014



Halogenated VOCs/SVOCs Present?: No



Fuel Present? No
Metals Present? No
Isotopes Present? No
Explosives Present? No
Other Contaminants? No
Tritium Present? Yes   Activity: 2000 pCi/L 
Nitrates Present? Yes   Concentration:  400 (ppb)
Sulfates Present? Yes   Concentration:  400 (ppb)



Conduit Flow? Yes Depth (feet): 200
Multiple Units Affected? Yes Avg Velocity (feet/year): 400


Plume Information

Source: Controlled Area of Plume (acres):  
Plume Status: Plume static or shrinking in size    


Remedial Approach


Groundwater Use / Exit Strategy

Potable? Yes Does an Exit Strategy Exist? Yes
Sole Source Aquifer?  Yes Basis for Exit Strategy: Target concentration


Environmental Indicators (EIs)

Groundwater Migration Under Control? Yes Current Human Exposure Acceptable? Yes
Confirmed by Lead Regulator? Yes Confirmed by Lead Regulator? Yes



Decision Document? Assessment Ongoing Lead Regulatory Agency: State
Date Approved:   Regulatory Driver: RCRA, Other
Regulatory Position on Groundwater Use Same as Site? Yes



Concentrations and spatial distribution of perchlorate and tritium contamination is moderated well defined
Expected that the contamination will be subject to monitoring to ensure that no
unacceptable condition develops. Hydrogeology: heterogeneous aquifer - the velocity range from 14 to 700 ft/yr