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EM's Strategic Planning Initiative Examines Impact of Lower Funding Targets

February 1, 2012 - 12:00pm


WASHINGTON, D.C. – EM is conducting a strategic planning effort that aims to optimize progress in the organization’s environmental cleanup program.

As part of efforts to continuously improve the effectiveness and efficiency of resource management and build on the success of the $6 billion EM American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Program, EM headquarters officials are working with staff at EM’s 17 field sites to analyze the impact of austere funding projections on project costs and schedules. EM is working to align the cleanup program with current budget realities and prioritize cleanup activities at the sites to maximize limited resources.

In this initiative, EM is updating life-cycle costs for the Cold War cleanup to better manage current EM liabilities across the DOE complex. EM headquarters and field site staff are analyzing various planning scenarios for each site to highlight the impacts of the funding projections on the program. The team leading the strategic planning effort is reviewing current site estimates and schedules to develop options for re-planning the program under those projections. A life-cycle cost analysis is scheduled for completion this spring.

Information obtained through this initiative will support budget decisions in 2014 and guide the long-term strategy for the EM program. The initiative will highlight potential delays, cost increases, compliance issues, and other impacts that would result from reduced funding.

EM will work with regulators and stakeholders when compliance is at risk because of fiscal constraints to determine the best path forward. EM expects to brief the EM Site-Specific Advisory Board Chairs at their meeting in April in Paducah, Ky. and feature updates in communications such as EM Program Updates and the EM Update newsletter to keep interested stakeholders informed of potential impacts to EM's cleanup mission.