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EM, Industry Partner to Lay Out Opportunities to Improve Contract Performance Following Workshop

March 14, 2012 - 12:00pm


WASHINGTON, D.C. – EM and its large and small business partners will implement several recommendations that emerged from a workshop held earlier this year to improve contract performance with the objective of delivering results on time and within cost.

Participants in the Environmental Management Contract Performance and Management Workshop held in February proposed several opportunities to address more effective and efficient contract performance and management. Many of these opportunities are the next phase of implementation of recommendations from a similar EM-hosted workshop in 2010.

"The breadth of knowledge and depth of commitment to improving contract performance was clearly evident in the interchange between EM and our corporate contracting partners,” said Jack Surash, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Acquisition and Project Management. “We will be following the progress of implementing the joint recommendations."

The participants in the latest workshop included DOE senior leadership and corporate representatives from all EM large- and small-business prime cleanup and construction contractors. The 2010 workshop identified three major recommendations. The recent workshop identified several next steps for those recommendations from 2010 and also identified three new recommendations.

The recommendations and opportunities are identified below. Asterisks identify new recommendations and opportunities.

I. Streamline the Request for Proposal requirements and communicate and integrate this new approach across EM organizations

II. Develop a culture of partnering with the contractor

  • Establish metrics on partnering to assess success*
  • Continue partnering with the key points to include multiple contracts, site level integration across separate contractors, across programs (for example, Savannah River Site with EM and National Nuclear Security Administration), capture best practices and lessons learned, more and consistent involvement by contracting officers*

III. Collaborate with the contracting community to look at the post-award process for mutual understanding of expectations and corrective measures and develop a small cadre of experts to implement the improvements to ensure consistent application of the results

  • Issue integrated contract guidance on true-up*
  • Develop a checklist from award to multi-year baseline (for DOE to accomplish trueup)*
  • Define difference and timing for interim performance management baseline, lifecycle baseline, contract baseline, etc...*
  • Develop a time metric to get final contract baseline in place*
  • Recommit to document and manage key assumptions as part of contract baseline process*
  • Issue guidance on level of detail for cost estimates on contract changes*

IV. Implement Strategic Sourcing*

V. Review the effectiveness of the value engineering clause in contracts (e.g. technology development)*

VI. Each corporate entity, as appropriate, provides input to the Energy Facility Contractors Group on contract incentives/burdens*