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DOE Issues Request for Proposals for Hanford Site Occupational Medical Services

November 14, 2011 - 12:00pm


RICHLAND, Wash. – The Department of Energy (DOE) today issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for an Occupational Medical Services contract at the Hanford Site. The solicitation is for a small-business contractor to perform occupational medical services for the DOE Richland Operations Office and Office of River Protection.

The successful contractor will provide comprehensive occupational medical services to approximately 8,000 federal, contractor, and regulatory oversight employees supporting environmental cleanup and restoration on the Hanford Site. The estimated cost and fee amount for the services is approximately $102 million. The proposed contract is for a base period of two years with four years of options.

Occupational Medical services include:

  • Providing Occupational Medicine services to approximately 8,000 employees working for contractors, DOE offices, or other personnel working on the Hanford Site.
  • Operating and maintaining two clinical facilities.
  • Providing support to epidemiological studies of current and former Hanford Site workers, the Chronic Beryllium Disease Prevention Program, and the Energy Employees Occupational Injury Compensation Program Act.
  • Maintaining and protecting the medical records of current and former Hanford workers.
  • Conducting an orderly transition with current contractor.

Interested parties will have until January 18, 2012 to submit proposals.

The RFP notice is posted on the Federal Business Opportunities website at and the Environmental Management Consolidated Business Center (EMCBC) Occupational Medical Services at Hanford website at: