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Annual Environmental Monitoring Report Released

September 19, 2011 - 12:00pm


The National Nuclear Security Administration Nevada Site Office (NNSA/NSO) has released the Nevada National Security Site Environmental Report 2010. The report summarizes the results of air and groundwater monitoring during calendar year 2010 on and off of the Nevada National Security Site (NNSS), formerly the Nevada Test Site. It also reports the estimated radiological dose to the public from releases of radioactive material from the NNSS and summarizes the overall environmental compliance and management performance of NNSA/NSO at the NNSS and its two support facilities, the North Las Vegas Facility and the Remote Sensing Laboratory–Nellis.

No airborne radioactivity from current site activities was detected off-site in 2010. Groundwater monitoring results showed the public is not exposed to groundwater contaminated with man-made radionuclides. As was originally reported in 2009, all tritium detected in monitoring wells on the Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR), outside the boundary of the NNSS, continue to be at levels below the Safe Drinking Water Act limit. “We are committed to ensuring the validity and accuracy of our monitoring data,“ says Pete Sanders, NNSA/NSO Environmental Monitoring Program Manager, “and in sharing the data with the public."

Air and groundwater monitoring is conducted by National Security Technologies, LLC, the management and operating contractor at the NNSS, and the Community Environmental Monitoring Program (CEMP) under the direction of the Desert Research Institute of the Nevada System of Higher Education. The CEMP, which is operated by local citizens, utilizes a network of 29 air sampling stations that surround the NNSS to monitor airborne radioactivity. Visit for more information on the off-site air monitoring program.

“Each year, we use this report as one of our tools to inform the public regarding how we are doing at protecting the public, the environment, and our workers,” states Sanders. “In one place, it summarizes all of our monitoring programs, but it also tells the public about our environmental cleanup and waste management operations, and the site’s efforts to prevent pollution, minimize wastes, and reduce water, fossil fuel, and energy usage at our facilities.”

The report is available in the NNSA/NSO Public Reading Facility, located at 755 East Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, Nevada, as well as on the NNSA/NSO website at

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