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Sustainable Environmental Stewardship

The Department of Energy (DOE) supports the understanding and implementation of sustainability programs throughout the complex

The Department of Energy (DOE) supports the understanding and implementation of sustainability programs throughout the complex

DOE Headquarters provides technical assistance, coordination, and integration throughout the complex in the resolution of sustainability issues as well as assistance that supports improved program and field implementation of sustainability programs.

Climate Change Adaptation
DOE is adapting to climate change by applying a risk-based resiliency approach to identify and minimize climate-related vulnerabilities across all DOE policies, programs and activities.DOE is assessing climate change vulnerabilities, using the best available science, to strengthen the agency’s planning, operations, and investment activities and ensure the continuation of its mission.

Electronics Stewardship
DOE is committed to responsible environmental stewardship of its electronic assets including computers, displays, printers, and cell phones.

Environmental Management Systems
DOE uses Environmental Management Systems already in place at DOE facilities as a management framework to determine and achieve sustainability goals and targets.

Fugitive Emissions
DOE is committed to using science, technology, and effective management to minimize fugitive emissions throughout the Department. To assist in achieving this goal the Department created the Fugitive Emissions' Working Group.

GreenBuy Award
Under the GreenBuy Award Program the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) sites receive recognition for purchasing programs that obtain sustainable products, save energy, conserve water, and reduce health and environmental impact.The award program recognizes DOE sites for excellence in “green purchasing” that extends beyond minimum compliance requirements.The Program is based on a Priority Products List, which identifies a set of products with leadership-level sustainability goals that that DOE established to help incentivize sustainable acquisition efforts.

Pollution Prevention and Waste Reduction
The purpose of pollution prevention and waste reduction as stated in the Departments Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan is to “prevent or reduce pollution at the source whenever feasible. Pollutants and wastes that cannot be prevented through source reduction will be diverted from entering the waste stream through environmentally safe and cost-effective reuse or recycling to the greatest extent practicable."

Pollinator Protection Initiative
DOE’s Pollinator Protection Plan is part of a national strategy to protect pollinators and enhance their habitats.DOE sites already practice many pollinator-friendly best management practices and have plans to increase their use.

Sustainable Acquisition
As with all agencies there are many environmental, energy, transportation and economic considerations affecting the acquisition process at DOE. DOE is committed to achieving excellence in "Green Purchasing" by acquiring products with the most environmental attributes possible.

Scope3 Greenhouse Gas Training Course
This training covers multiple aspects of Scope 3 GHG emissions in a series of modules. Each module targets specific types of staff. The training includes an overview module, which is broadly appropriate for managers and employees looking for an easy guide to understanding Scope 3 GHG reduction measures within DOE, as well as detailed modules that are more appropriate for those responsible for or affected by the planning in specific areas-such as employee commuting or business travel-for meeting the FY 2020 reduction targets.