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Environment Policy, Guidance & Reports

The Office of Environmental Policy and Assistance establishes environmental protection policy, requirements and expectations for the Department to ensure that the environment is adequately protected from hazards associated with DOE environmental risks and impacts are minimized and compliant with environmental protection laws, regulations and standards are achieved. Technical experts work proactively with headquarters and field offices to foster continuous improvement and shape behavior in environmental protection before incidents occur. The Office serves as a corporate technical assistance, coordination, and integration resource to support line organizations in the resolution of environmental issues and management concerns. In addition, the Office provides high-quality, customer-oriented assistance that enables improved DOE program and field implementation of environmental protection. 

Environmental Radiological Assistance Directory (ERAD)

The Environmental Radiological Assistance Directory or ERAD, developed by HS-22, serves as an assistance tool to the DOE complex for protection of the public and environment from radiation. The ERAD is a combination webinar/conference call, designed to provide DOE and its contractors a forum to share information, lessons-learned, best practices, emerging trends, compliance issues, etc. in support of radiological protection programs developed in accordance with DOE O 458.1.

Annual Site Environmental Reports (ASER)

ASERs are required by DOE O 231.1B. The ASERs provide important information needed by site managers and DOE Headquarters to assess field environmental program performance, site-wide environmental monitoring and surveillance effectiveness, and confirm compliance with environmental standards and requirements. They are also the means by which DOE sites demonstrate compliance with the radiological protection requirements of DOE O 458.1. In addition, ASERs are an important means of conveying DOE's environmental protection performance to stakeholders and members of the public living near DOE sites.