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Corrective Action Tracking System (CATS)

The CATS web-based database is used to enter, track, and report the status of corrective actions developed and implemented in the DOE Corrective Action Management Program (CAMP) to effectively resolve and prevent recurrence of reported findings. The web-site includes guidance for accessing, reviewing and editing the database.

NOTICE: Because of the potential sensitive nature of some information in Corrective Action Plans (CAPs) that is placed in the Department of Energy (DOE) Corrective Action Tracking System (CATS), DOE is limiting access to the CATS web site. Members of the public cannot access the CATS web site at this time. DOE regrets any inconvenience caused by this decision in response to the Deputy Secretary's concern regarding accessibility of DOE operational information.

Access to the CATS web site by DOE employees and contractors presently registered with the web site will not change. Registered users will continue to access the web site as they did prior to this change.

Non-registered employees and contractors from DOE and other Federal agencies may request a read-only account to view corrective actions on the CATS web site by selecting to register for read-only access (below), and completing the electronic registration form presented. Please complete all required fields, indicated by an arrow. The system will confirm your registration by E-Mail, which will contain your Login ID.

DOE will continue to provide paper copies as available of corrective action documents upon request. You may submit your request for a specific document by contacting the AU User Support at 1-800-473-4375 or email: We will direct your request to the responsible DOE office.

Access to the CATS is available through registration.

The CATS database and the  are listed below.

CATS Database:

CATS User's Guide