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Occupational Medicine Workshops and Webinars


The DOE Annual Occupational Medicine Workshop & Webinar (OMWW) is a valuable training opportunity established by the Office of Health, Safety, and Security in support of hundreds of medical and allied health professionals located at over four dozen locations across the Department.  Their vital work in the field of Occupational Medicine encompasses medical qualification examinations, injury and illness management, disability management, workers’ compensation, and much more.  This training will advance DOE’s mission as follows:

  1. By providing medical and allied health professionals (eg, Industrial Hygiene) and their management with updates regarding medical services and standards of care which are specified in revised OSHA standards, NIOSH guidelines, and Departmental directives or guidance.
  1. By providing those stakeholders with access to information and SMEs both internal and external to DOE which can address the site-specific and unique medical issues not addressed by the aforementioned.
  1. By enabling the Departments medical professionals who are not trained in the specialty of Occupational & Environmental Medicine to recognize the legal, as well as regulatory requirements of practicing in the occupational setting.
  1. By promoting quality assurance and quality improvement among all DOE Occupational Medicine Programs, particularly those which do not have resources or comparable programs for either peer or external review.
  1. By promoting efficiencies in the medical setting through benchmarking where possible and the tailored application of Lean Six Sigma or other analyses where benchmarking is not possible.


The OMWW format has been enhanced through the use of webinar technology which enables the participation of medical and allied health professionals from a distance, while still capturing the details of presentations and reference materials, all of which are then preserved and made available to others on the OMWW webpage.  In addition, continuing medical education (CME) credit is awarded to participants, enabling them to maintain their medical licensure through training which is directly applicable to their DOE medical services.

Workshops and Webinars

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