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FTCP TQP Functional Area Qualifying Officials Lists

EM    EHSS    IEA    NE    NNSA    SC

First Name
Last Name
Competency Area
CBC Melvin Boyd Radiation Protection
CBC Patricia Brechlin Environmental Compliance
CBC Gregory Campbell Emergency Management
CBC Robert Everson Senior Technical Safety Manager; Other SMEs
CBC James Gambrell Quality Assurance; Safeguards and Security (Physical)
CBC Geoffrey Gorsuch Industrial Hygiene; Occupational Safety and Health
CBC Timothy Jackson Senior Technical Safety Manager; Other SMEs
CBC David Lojek Environmental Restoration
CBC Paul Lucas Environmental Compliance
CBC Timothy Marcus Emergency Management; Transportation and Traffic Management
CBC John Orrison Quality Assurance
CBC Jeffrey Parkin Facility Representative
CBC Donald Pfister Facility Representative
CBC John Rampe Senior Technical Safety Manager
CBC Johnny Reising Environmental Restoration; Technical Program Manager; Transportation and Traffic Management; Waste Management
CBC Edward Skintik Environmental Compliance
CBC Patrick Vent Safeguards and Security (Personnel)
CBC Kenneth Wethington Facility Representatives
CBC Peter Yerace Environmental Compliance
CBC (BNL) John Sattler Senior Technical Safety Manager; Transportation and Traffic Management,;Waste Management
CBC (MOAB) Donald Metzler Senior Technical Safety Manager
CBC(SPRU) Steven Feinberg Senior Technical Safety Manager
CBC (WVDP) Bryan Bower General Technical Base; Senior Technical Safety Manager
CBC (WVDP) David Cook Facility Representative
CBC (WVDP) Christopher Eckert Emergency Management; Safeguards and Security
CBC (WVDP) Moira Maloney Environmental Compliance
CBC (WVDP) Thomas Vero Radiation Protection
CNS Chip Lagdon Senior Technical Safety Manager; EM HQ SSO
Carlsbad Hung Cheng Chiou Radiation Protection; Criticality Safety
Carlsbad Randy Elmore Mechanical Systems; Electrical Systems and Safety Oversight; General technical Base
Carlsbad John Ford Fire Protection Engineer
Carlsbad Don Galbraith Facility Representative; General Technical Base
Carlsbad Carolina Pacheco Facility Representative; General Technical Base
Carlsbad Kenneth Padilla Facility Representative
Carlsbad Gary L. Scott Senior Technical Safety Manager; Nuclear Safety Specialist
Carlsbad James Waters Facility Maintenance Management; General Technical Base
HQ David Bivans Safeguards & Security
HQ James Hutton Nuclear Safety
HQ Ashok Kapor Transportation & Traffic Management
HQ Terry Krietz Occupational Safety
HQ James Landmesser, Sr Fire Protection
HQ Wendell Mansel Facility Maintenance Management
HQ Robert Murray Quality Assurance
HQ Robert Nelson Industrial Hygiene
HQ Stephen O'Connor Transportation & Traffic Management
HQ Kenneth Picha Senior Technical Safety Manager
HQ James Poppiti Chemical Process
HQ James Shuler Radiation Protection
HQ Debra Sparkman Safety Software Quality Assurance
HQ Terrance Tracy Occupational Safety
HQ Anthony Weadock Radiation Protection
HQ Bill Weaver Nuclear Safety Specialist; Senior Technical Safety Manager
HQ Robert Wilson Criticality Safety
ORP Jonthan Dowell Senior Technical Safety Manager, SSO; Facility Representative; Nuclear Safety Specialist; Criticality Safety
ORP/Tank Farm Tom Fletcher Chemical Processing, Technical Program Manager

ORP/Tank Farm

Paul Harrington Civil Structural Engineering; Electrical systems and Safety Oversight; Fire Protection, Mechanical Systems; Ventilation & Off-Gas Safety Systems; Waste Management
ORP/Tank Farm/WTP Paul Harrington Environmental Compliance; Industrial Hygiene; Occupational Safety; Quality Assurance; Safety Software Quality Assurance; Safeguards & Security; Safeguards & Security GTB; Waste Management
ORP/Tank Farm/WTP James Wicks General Technical Base
ORP/WTP Delmar Noyes Chemical Processing; Civil Structural Engineering; Electrical Systems and Safety Oversite; Instrumentation Control; Mechanical Systems; Ventilation and Off-Gas Safety Systems
PPPO Vincent Adam Senior Technical Safety Manager,
PPPO Tom Hines Facility Representatives
PPPO David Kozlowski Senior Technical Safety Manager
PPPO William Murphy Senior Technical Safety Manager
PPPO John Zimmerman Senior Technical Safety Manager
Richland Ray Corey Senior Technical Safety Manager
Richland Pete Garcia SSO; Othe SMEs
Richland Roger Gordon Facility Representatives
Richland Rob Hastings Quality Assurance; Software Quality Assurance
Richland Gary Loiacono Safeguards & Security
Richland Steve Weil Environmental SMEs
SR Qualifying Officials List
HQ Collette Broussard Quality Assurance
HQ Pat Worthington Senior Technical Safety Manager
HQ Brad Davy Senior Technical Safety Manager, Facility Maintenance Management
HQ Andy Lawrence Environmental Management
HQ James O'Brien Nuclear Safety; Facility Safety Design; Quality Assurance; Readiness Reviews; Nuclear Safety Oversight
HQ Bill McArthur Industrial Hygiene
HQ David Weitzman Industrial Hygiene
HQ Tom Staker ISM; Conduct of Operations; Configuration Management; Problem Identification and Resolution; Quality Assurance; Worker Protection Standards; Employee Concerns; Content of Safety Basis Requirements
Idaho Qualifying Officials List
ALL Qualifying Officials List
HQ George Malosh Senior Technical Safety Manager
HQ Carol Sohn Senior Technical Safety Manager
Oak Ridge Larry Kelly Senior Technical Safety Manager
PNSO Theodore Pietrok Senior Technical Safety Manager