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Technical Standards, ALOHA-Gap Analysis - May 3, 2004

May 3, 2004

DOE-EH- Analysis, Software Quality Assurance Improvement Plan: ALOHA Gap Analysis

The Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board (DNFSB) issued Recommendation 2002-1 on Quality Assurance for Safety-Related Software in September 2002 (DNFSB 2002). The Recommendation identified a number of quality assurance issues for software used in the Department of Energy (DOE) facilities for analyzing hazards, and designing and operating controls that prevent or mitigate potential accidents. The development and maintenance of a collection, or “toolbox,” of high-use, Software Quality Assurance (SQA)-compliant safety analysis codes is one of the major improvement actions discussed in the Implementation Plan for Recommendation 2002-1 on Quality Assurance for Safety Software at Department of Energy Nuclear Facilities. A DOE safety analysis toolbox would contain a set of appropriately quality-assured, configuration-controlled, safety analysis codes, managed and maintained for DOE-broad safety basis applications.