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Ladder Safety Information Sheet

Falls are the number one cause of workplace fatalities in the construction industry. Statistics state that 43 percent of all fatal falls in the last decade have involved ladders and therefore it is important to plan the work to reduce or eliminate the need for using ladders by applying             safety-in-design and constructability principles to finish as much of the work as possible on the ground, provide alternative, safer equipment for extended work at elevations, such as aerial lifts, supported scaffolds, or mast climbing work platforms, provide properly selected and thoroughly inspected ladders that are appropriately matched to employee weight, task, and location, when applicable, provide proper accessories to supplement safe ladder use, and provide adequate ladder safety information and training for employees.

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health smartphone app Ladder Safety (, provides graphic-oriented, interactive, and easy-to-use reference materials, safety guidelines, and checklists for ladder extension selection, inspection, and use.