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Guidance for Preparation of the 2013 Department of Energy Annual Site Environmental Reports

Department of Energy (DOE) field elements are responsible for the development and design of Annual Site Environmental Reports (ASERs) appropriate to their site-specific considerations while complying with DOE reporting requirements. This guidance provides recommendations for reporting that may be used to help supplement the requirements of DOE Orders which were contractually applicable to DOE sites in 2013, including DOE Order (O) 231.1B, Environment, Safety and Health Reporting (6-27-2011),and DOE O 458.1, Radiation Protection of the Public and the Environment (2-11-2011), Chg 3. It is based on lessons learned and best practices as well as recognition of DOE corporate reporting requirements and stakeholder input. The guidance, while not mandatory, promotes consistency and uniformity in the reporting of environmental information within ASERs. Past use of this guidance has resulted in ASERs that present environmental information in a common format and that are readily understandable and usable by DOE organizations, stakeholders, and the general public. In 2011, several environmental, radiological and sustainability reporting-related DOE Orders replaced and cancelled DOE Orders that were previously in effect.