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December 07, 2006

Radiological Training for Tritium Facilities, 

Replaced by DOE-HDBK-1105-2002 | Change Notice No. 1 with Reaffirmation (January 2007) | Change Notice No. 2 (May 2007)

This Handbook describes a recommended implementation process for conducting the radiation safety training required by Title 10 Code of Federal Regulations Occupational Radiation Protection, (10 CFR 835) Subpart J and as outlined in the DOE standard DOE-STD-1098-99, Radiological Control (RCS). The Handbook is to assist those individuals, both within the Department of Energy (DOE) and Managing and Operating (M&O) contractors, identified as having responsibility for implementing the training required by 10 CFR 835 and recommended by the RCS.