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Andrew C. Lawrence - Deputy Associate Under Secretary for Environment, Health and Safety

Andrew C. Lawrence

Andrew Lawrence is the Deputy Associate Under Secretary for Environment, Health and Safety within the Office of the Associate Under Secretary for Environment, Health, Safety and Security (AU). In this position, Mr. Lawrence supports the Associate Under Secretary in directing and overseeing the management of AU operations, including promoting the improvement of the environmental, health and safety posture of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).  He assists Headquarters and Field Elements with the integration of health, safety and environment policies to support planning operations. He also serves as an advocate for the Department’s health, safety and environmental programs and initiatives, including Integrated Safety Management, Environmental Management Systems, Voluntary Protection Program, and the Federal Technical Capabilities Program

Mr. Lawrence also serves as the Acting Director for the DOE Employee Concerns Program (ECP) where he is charged with reinvigorating the Departmental Order for implementing this complex-wide program by leading a team of ECP managers from field offices. He is responsible for reviving and revising fundamental training courses and establishing a first-time DOE-wide database for ECP case tracking and trending concerns.

With over 26 years of work for DOE, Mr. Lawrence has held leadership positions directed toward developing policies and providing technical advice aimed at improving the Department’s environment, safety and health (ES&H) performance.

As Director, Office of Environmental Protection, Sustainability Support, and Corporate Safety Analysis, Mr. Lawrence  provided oversight, advice, and guidance on major policy and program issues associated with respect to various ES&H functions by establishing lasting and effective policy, requirements and expectations for DOE to ensure that the environment is adequately protected from hazards associated with DOE activities; managing the maintenance and implementation of safety-related mission support programs and processes; and analyzing DOE-wide performance in protecting the public, the workers and the environment.

In his role as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Environment in DOE’s Office of Environment Safety and Health (EH) he led DOE’s greenhouse gas and fossil fuel use reduction efforts and the implementation of environmental management systems throughout the Department to ensure that natural resource impacts were considered in all aspects of DOE program and project planning and execution.

As Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health Studies, Mr. Lawrence led DOE’s efforts to develop and negotiate the legislative proposals leading to the Energy Employee Occupational Illness Compensation Act. He helped direct a program of epidemiological studies on the health of DOE workers and the members of the communities surrounding DOE sites. He also supported follow-up research and medical assistance programs for the survivors of the testing and/or use of atomic weapons in Japan and the Marshall Islands.