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Assurance Systems – DOE’s Technical Assistance Programs

The Department of Energy (DOE) assurance systems are designed to meet the needs and unique risks of each DOE site or activity, include methods to perform rigorous self-assessments, conduct feedback and continuous improvement activities, identify and correct negative performance trends, ensure technical proficiencies and share lessons learned. DOE establishes programs, requirements; policies and guidance supported by technical expertise available to assist DOE line and contractor management develop health, safety, security and environmental management systems and implementation of requirements. These programs also serve as a corporate coordination, and integration resource to support line organizations in the resolution of sustainability issues and management concerns.

Federal Technical Capability Program (FTCP)

The Federal Technical Capability Panel (Panel) is responsible for overseeing the overall implementation of the Federal Technical Capability Program. Headquarters and field elements are responsible for implementing specific activities within the program. Some activities addressing technical capability functions apply complex-wide; for example, the Department's Policies, Orders, and Standards, which promulgate requirements and guidelines for the administration of technical training. Other mechanisms vary from site to site or between program offices.

Federal Line Management Oversight of Department of Energy Nuclear Facilities

This Guide provides U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) line management organizations with guidance that may be useful to them in effectively and efficiently implementing the requirements of DOE O 226.1B, Implementation of Department of Energy Oversight Policy, dated April 25, 2011, as applied to Federal line management of hazard category 1, 2, and 3 nuclear facilities.

Quality Assurance

The Department's commitment to environment, safety, and health also relies, upon work being conducted within an effective management system. DOE line managers and contracting officers must understand these two fundamental purposes for the QA requirements and ensure the QA Order and rule are specified in each major contract (including those contracts using the Work Smart Standards process to satisfy DOE Acquisition regulation 48 CFR 970.5223-1).