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Welcome to EHSS

May 5, 2014 - 7:00am


Welcome to EHSS

Our Mission:

The Office of Environment, Health, Safety and Security (AU) provides corporate leadership and strategic approaches for protecting DOE’s workers, the public, the environment and national security assets.  We accomplish this through developing corporate policies and standards and providing guidance on their implementation; sharing operating experience, lessons learned, and best practices; and providing assistance and supporting services to line management with the goal of mission success as DOE’s environment, health, safety and security advocate.

Our Focus Areas and Approach:

We accomplish our overall mission in the following focus areas :

Environment, Health and Safety Policy and Support:

  • Protecting the health and safety of DOE’s federal and contractor workforce, addressing the health effects legacy of the Nation’s nuclear weapons program, and conducting national and international health studies.
  • Minimizing DOE’s radiological and other environmental footprints and improving DOE’s safety performance through analysis, policy development, and sharing lessons learned.
  • Promoting the safe design, construction and operations of DOE’s facilities, both nuclear and non-nuclear, and providing cross-organizational leadership in resolving related issues.

Security Policy and Support:

  • Establishing effective policies, through a collaborative, enterprise approach, by which the national security assets entrusted to the Department are protected and secured.
  • Furthering DOE’s national security, nonproliferation and open governmental goals through the identification of classified, controlled and unclassified information.
  • Providing specialized security services to DOE Headquarters facilities and securing the work environment for Federal and contractor personnel.

As the Department’s “environment, health, safety and security advocate,” AU supports the Department by identifying the risks in these areas that could jeopardize DOE’s mission .  We work closely with DOE line management who is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the Department’s work is managed and performed in a manner that protects workers and the public as well as the Department’s material and information assets.

1 A high-level summary of the roles and contributions of each AU Office in support of the DOE mission, as well as the key issues which they address, can be found in Attachment 1.
2 Strategic Objective 11 of DOE’s 2014-2018 Strategic Plan:  “Operate the DOE enterprise safely, securely, and efficiently while using sustainability practices.”

As part of this partnership, AU develops and promulgates environment, health, safety and security policy and provides expert advice and implementation assistance to help line management accomplish the Department’s mission in a safe and secure manner.  AU represents the Department in national and international environment, health, safety, and security matters.

AU plays a leadership role in meeting the Department’s expectation that all its organizations embrace a healthy organizational culture where safe and secure performance of work and involvement of workers are deeply, strongly, and consistently held by managers and workers. 

AU contributes to more efficient and cost-effective mission accomplishment by providing quality products and timely expertise aimed at eliminating or mitigating major risks that can lead to adverse impacts to mission. AU informs Secretarial decisions and improves DOE performance by providing expert advice to the Department’s senior nuclear safety and nuclear security decision makers.  As a strong, top-level environment, health, safety and security organization, AU’s work is critical to helping the Department deliver the innovative and transformative scientific and technological solutions to energy, security, economic, and environmental challenges facing the United States in the 21st century.