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Appendices of DOE G 226.1-2A

Below are the appendices to DOE G 226.1-2A Federal Line Management Oversight of Department of Energy Nuclear Facilities. The DOE program offices responsible for the content in the appendices keep that information up to date.

The Criteria Review and Approach Documents (CRADs) accessible by the hyperlinks in Appendix C are provided in a variety of configurations. Some of the hyperlinks in Appendix C lead directly to CRADs, others consist of tables that have links that lead to the CRADs, and one of the hyperlinks is to a document that contain CRADs.

Appendix A: List of Hazard Category 1, 2, and 3, Nuclear Facilities
Appendix B: Rules and Directives Applicable to Nuclear Facilities Line Management Oversight

Appendix C: Criteria & Review Approach Documents (CRADs)