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Access to OUO

DOE M 471.3-1, Admin Chg 1, Chapter II, Paragraph 1, details who may have access to OUO.

This means you can give an OUO document to anyone you think needs it to perform his or her job or other Government-authorized activity (unless there are special markings on the document restricting who can see it). The person does not have to have a security clearance or even be a Government employee or U.S. citizen. For example, OUO may be given to an emergency responder, a local police officer, or a member of Congress.

However, it should be noted that some OUO documents are marked to limit who can see them. For example, Export Controlled Information is a special kind of OUO information that cannot be given to foreign nationals and, similarly, contract selection information can only be given to those persons involved in the selection process. If you are not sure whether you can share a document with someone, contact the document's originator.