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2012 Nuclear Safety Workshop

Deputy Secretary Poneman (view announcement memo) convened the second DOE Nuclear Safety Workshop on September 19-20, 2012. The event was held at the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel and Conference Center, 5701 Marinelli Road, Bethesda, MD. 


In response to the March 2011 accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, Secretary Chu initiated a series of actions to review the safety of the Department of Energy's (DOE) nuclear facilities and identify opportunities for improvement.

As part of these actions, Deputy Secretary Poneman convened a Nuclear Safety Workshop in June 2011 that was attended by senior nuclear safety managers and technical experts from the Department, other Federal agencies, and the commercial nuclear power industry. In September 2011, DOE issued a report on its review of its facilities and the resulting insights. The report describes recommendations for short-term and long-term actions for improving DOE's nuclear safety. The September 2012 workshop fulfilled one of the recommendations in the report - to conduct another Nuclear Safety Workshop to discuss lessons learned from implementing the recommended actions and to gather further insights for making improvements.

DOE's Safety Bulletin No. 2011-01, Events Beyond Design Safety Basis Analysis, March 2011
DOE's Nuclear Safety Workshop Newsletter, June 2011
Transmittal Memorandum, Report on Review of Requirements and Capabilities for Analyzing and Responding to Beyond Design Basis Events, September 2011
Review of Requirements and Capabilities for Analyzing and Responding to Beyond Design Basis Events, August 2011

2012 Nuclear Safety Workshop

The theme of this year's workshop was Post Fukushima Initiatives and Results. It featured keynote speakers and technical breakout sessions over two days regarding:

  • Beyond Design Basis Events Analysis and Response
  • Safety Culture
  • Risk Assessment and Management

The workshop shared information on the approaches, best practices, and initiatives related to nuclear safety culture and the regulatory framework for beyond design basis events and on the control and use of risk assessments to support nuclear safety decision-making.

Over 200 attendees participated in the workshop, including DOE senior leadership and technical experts, national and international leaders with responsibility for establishing and implementing nuclear safety, government and industry experts in risk assessments and risk-informed decision making, and academia involved in nuclear safety and risk management.

Safety Culture Information