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Key Activities in Wind Energy

In order to reduce the cost of wind power technologies and accelerate the deployment of wind power, the Wind Program conducts the following key activities:

Research and Development

Wind Turbine Testing and Certification

  • Partner with industry, universities, and national laboratories to develop aerodynamic, structural and electrical test centers for wind farms, wind turbines, rotor blades, and drivetrains
  • Enable industry to meet performance and safety standards by establishing frameworks for small wind turbine certification
  • Participate in the development of national and international wind energy standards

Market Acceleration and Deployment

  • Partner with environmental groups and agencies to understand the impacts of wind energy on bird, bat, and insect species and their habitats
  • Assist in the development of guidelines for proper wind plant siting and permitting
  • Investigate and mitigate potential impacts of wind energy on society, including auditory, visual, radar, and competitive-use impacts
  • Provide independent cost of energy analyses, economic assessments, and market information publications
  • Use the WINDExchange platform to help communities weigh the benefits and costs of wind energy, understand the deployment process, and make wind development decisions supported by fact-based, relevant, and actionable information

Wind Resource Assessment and Grid Integration