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Upcoming Funding Opportunity for Tower Manufacturing and Installation

December 18, 2013 - 11:25am


The DOE Wind Program has issued a Notice of Intent for a funding opportunity that it intends to post early in 2014, pending Congressional appropriations. The funding opportunity, tentatively titled "U.S. Wind Manufacturing: Taller Hub Heights to Access Higher Wind Resources, and Lower Cost of Energy" intends to support partnerships that lead to innovative designs and processes for wind turbine tower manufacturing and turbine system installation. Supported projects will develop technologies that mitigate U.S. transportation and logistics constraints affecting the deployment of taller utility-scale wind turbine systems with hub heights of at least 120 meters. Scaling to taller towers allows wind turbines to capture less turbulent and often stronger wind resources, thereby increasing the amount of U.S. land area that can cost-effectively support wind energy development.

To learn about funding opportunities available through the Wind Program, please visit the Financial Opportunities Web page.

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