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Workplace Charging Challenge: Join the Challenge

Workplace Charging Challenge: Join the Challenge

The Workplace Charging Challenge aims to have 500 U.S. employers join the initiative as partners by 2018. Partners set a minimum goal of providing charging for a portion of plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) driving employees and a best practice goal of meeting all employee demand. As of January 2016, more than 250 employers joined as Challenge partners and the installation of workplace charging as a sustainable business practice is growing across the country. Partner efforts have resulted in more than 600 workplaces with over 5,500 charging stations accessible to nearly one million employees.

Why Provide Workplace Charging?

With the addition of workplace charging, PEV-driving employees can nearly double their vehicles’ all-electric daily commuting range and feel confident in being able to get where they need to go during the workday. Employees interested in buying a PEV can learn about the benefits of driving electric from their colleagues, and may be more likely to consider a PEV knowing they can conveniently charge up at work.

Workplace charging is an appealing employee motivator that can help attract and retain a cutting-edge workforce. 90% of Challenge partners report that their staff has expressed satisfaction with their workplace charging program. It can also be a valuable component of corporate sustainability efforts. Challenge partners save a combined 1.7 million gallons of gasoline and 17 million pounds of greenhouse gas emissions each year. Employers who provide charging demonstrate progressive leadership and a willingness to adopt advanced technology. 70% of Challenge partners have received third party positive recognition for their workplace charging efforts and 60% helped another employer develop their workplace charging program.

Who Can Join the Challenge?

The Challenge is open to United States employers of all sizes and industry types whose charging stations are primarily for employee use. Participating employers range from organizations that are just assessing employee need for charging to those who have successfully launched workplace charging programs. No matter where your organization is in the workplace charging implementation process, the Challenge can offer benefits along the way. Use the information below or view the Fact Sheet to learn more. Join the Challenge today!

What are the Benefits of Joining the Challenge?

DOE and Challenge ambassadors provide employers with:

  • Informational resources and technical assistance to support your organization’s commitment to workplace charging.
  • Access to an information-sharing network to help your organization manage a successful workplace charging program.
  • Recognition for outstanding employer workplace charging efforts provided through newsletters, webinars, events, and social media.

What are the Voluntary Actions of the Challenge?

Join the Challenge by submitting the Challenge pledge that signals a commitment to:

  • Announce partnership in the Challenge and showcase workplace charging efforts through a Partner Profile.
  • Develop a Partner Plan that describes already-executed or planned strategy to assess demand, install and manage charging at one or more worksites.
  • Report workplace charging progress by responding to an Annual Survey in 2016, 2017 and 2018.