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Workplace Charging Challenge: Install and Manage PEV Charging

pev_workplace_charging_hosts_150x194.jpgTo determine if workplace charging is right for your organization, use the employer resources to learn more about PEVs and charging stations. The PEV Handbook for Workplace Charging Hosts is particularly helpful for employers deciding if and how to install charging stations to ensure a successful workplace charging program.

PEVs and Charging Stations at the Workplace

  • Vehicle Basics – Learn more about the PEVs that employees may drive on the Alternative Fuels Data Center.
  • Charging Station Basics – Learn how charging stations work and what kind of station may be right for your workplace.
  • Level 1 Charging – Discover how Level 1 charging may be beneficial and cost effective for your workplace.
  • Level 2 Charging – Learn about Level 2 charging station specifications, networks, and costs. 
  • DC Fast Charging – Learn about the potential benefits and costs of DCFC at the workplace. 

Is Workplace Charging Right for Your Workplace?

Installing Workplace Charging

Managing Workplace Charging

  • Administration – Lay the groundwork for a well-managed program by identifying roles and responsibilities across your organization.
  • Registration & Liability – Help employees get plugged in to workplace charging with a clear and simple sign-up procedure.
  • Pricing – Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of fee-based and free employee charging.
  • Station Sharing – Consider tried and true practices that mitigate problems when the number of employee-driven PEVs exceeds charging station availability.
  • Level 1 Charging Safety and Management Policies – Explore these tips to ensure a safe and successful workplace charging experience.