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Workplace Charging Challenge: Ambassadors

The Workplace Charging Challenge enlists stakeholder organizations as ambassadors to promote and support workplace charging. Ambassadors, including Clean Cities coalitions across the country, are organizations that are knowledgeable about local incentives, best practices for workplace charging, and other aspects of plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) community readiness. Challenge partners can benefit from working with ambassadors in their region to promote PEVs and workplace charging. The directory below highlights Challenge ambassadors and the workplace charging resources they’ve developed. Ambassadors and other organizations aiming to promote workplace charging to employers in their region, can obtain resources from the Workplace Charging Outreach Toolkit.

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People standing around and in an electric vehicle.

Advanced Energy

Advanced Energy (AE) is a non-profit whose Transportation Initiatives Division takes a holistic approach to plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) efforts and works with a diverse group of stakeholders to promote PEV readiness planning in the public and private sectors. AE's workplace charging focus includes technology testing and deployment, and workplace charging program development. AE has produced webinars, videos, case studies, installation handbooks and guidebooks on workplace charging to further accelerate the transition to alternative fuels transportation. Advanced Energy's Website

Several electric plug-in vehicles being charged at charing stations.

California Plug-In Electric Vehicle Collaborative

The California Plug-In Electric Vehicle (PEV) Collaborative, a multi-stakeholder public-private partnership, is working to ensure a strong and enduring transition to a PEV market in California. The CA PEV Collaborative encourages workplace charging by collecting case studies and developing employer guides to help organizations create a successful workplace charging program. DRIVE THE DREAM, a Governor's executive roundtable, brought together business executives to encourage leadership in workplace charging and corporate commitments. California Plug-In Electric Vehicle Collaborative's Website


CALSTART works nationally to accelerate the growth of the clean transportation technology industry since 1992. CALSTART works on projects that promote policies, technology development, and implementation of clean transportation technologies. At its headquarters, CALSTART has four plug-in electric vehicle charging stations for company and employee use and will expand workplace charging to its other offices. CALSTART's Employer EV Initiative works to "empower America's employers" and promote workplace charging. CALSTART's Website

Plug-in electric vehicle parked in a CCSE parking space.

Center for Sustainable Energy

The Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE) informs energy policy and programs with best practices learned from daily work. CSE is accelerating the market expansion of plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) throughout California by working with cities, utilities, businesses and other regional stakeholders to develop and disseminate best practices for PEV integration and adoption. Center for Sustainable Energy's Website

  • PEV Resources for Businesses - Find a variety of informational resources that are aimed at helping businesses consider the installation of charging stations.

Man using ev charging equipment to charge vehicle.

Drive Electric Florida

Drive Electric Florida (DEF) is a collaborative of stakeholders from across Florida working to promote the adoption of PEVs. DEF’s ongoing efforts include promoting policy and incentive initiatives, as well as, participating in outreach and education efforts among its stakeholders. The Workplace Charging Committee at DEF is committed to enabling workplace charging throughout Florida. Drive Electric Florida's Website

Plug-in electric vehicles and outdoor charging stations.

Drive Oregon

Drive Oregon's mission is to promote, support, and grow Oregon's electric vehicle industry. Drive Oregon also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Oregon Governor Kitzhaber agreeing to lead work to accelerate electric vehicle adoption in Oregon. This work includes the launch of a new "Energizing Oregon" coalition, promoting workplace charging and related efforts. Drive Oregon's Website

Man charging electric vehicle at charging station.

Edison Electric Institute

EEI represents all investor-owned electric companies in the U.S. Electric transportation allows these companies to support their customers while reducing emissions and petroleum use. EEI’s Employee PEV Engagement Initiative and MOU with the Department of Energy is accelerating the deployment of PEVs and infrastructure at EEI member companies and their customer locations. Edison Electric Institute's Website

As part of its employee PEV engagement efforts, EEI has supported the development of workplace charging case studies spotlighting the efforts of its members. These case studies were produced by Challenge partner the Electric Power Research Institute.

Plug-in electric vehicles and outdoor charging stations.

Electric Drive Transportation Association

EDTA's members represent the entire value chain of electric drive - including vehicle and component manufacturers, electric utilities, materials and infrastructure providers – who are developing and deploying hybrid, plug-in and fuel cell technologies. EDTA and its members are installing charging infrastructure and providing consumer and employer education on charging and the benefits of electric drive at their website for consumers: GoElectricDrive. Electric Drive Transportation Association's Website

Plug-in electric vehicles at charging stations.

Green Parking Council

The Green Parking Council is a nonprofit promoting sustainability throughout the parking industry. The deployment of plug-in electric vehicle charging stations has been a particular focus of the GPC, an affiliate of the International Parking Institute. As such, the organization serves as a resource for property owners, property managers, parking operators, and employers seeking to install charging stations. Green Parking Council's Website

White plug in electric vehicles plugged into chargers.

Plug In America

Plug In America works to accelerate the shift to plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) to reduce U.S. dependence on petroleum and to improve the global environment. The Workplace Charging Challenge complements the organization's Plug In @ Work initiative, which brings the PEV marketplace to a corporate campus for a day of test drives and information exchange about clean, electric transportation. Plug In America also works to support and encourage workplace charging readiness and deployment as part of its efforts. Plug In America's Website

Man charging electric vehicle at charging station.

Transportation and Climate Initiative

The Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI) is a collaboration of the energy, environment, and transportation agencies from 11 northeast and mid- Atlantic states and the District of Columbia, working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector. In 2011,TCI formed the Northeast Electric Vehicle Network to reduce barriers to electric vehicle deployment and support the use of plug-in cars and trucks throughout the region. Transportation and Climate Initiative's Website