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EV Everywhere Workplace Charging Challenge: Resources

The Vehicle Technologies Office offers a number of resources for employers, building owners, employees, and others who want to promote, support or install workplace charging. 

EV 101

Icon of green plug-in electric vehicleThese resources provide information about electric vehicles, their charging needs, and what DOE and communities across the country are doing to support their deployment. Use these resources to learn the basics of electric vehicles and their charging needs.

  • Vehicle Basics The Alternative Fuel Data Center's section on Plug-in Vehicles provides basic information on these vehicles.
  • Charging Station Basics The AFDC's Electricity Infrastructure Development section offers an overview of the types of charging equipment available.
  • Charging Station Locator The AFDC's Alternative Fuel Station Locator shows where current public charging already exists across the country.
  • Tools and Resources The AFDC offers a large collection of helpful tools. These calculators, interactive maps, and data searches can assist fleets, fuel providers, and other transportation decision makers in their efforts to reduce petroleum use.
  • Community Planning Clean Cities supported 16 community readiness projects to encourage the use of electric vehicles and the installation of charging infrastructure. A variety of resources developed by recipients are available.
  • Electric Vehicle Use in the Northeastern United States This brochure by the Transportation Climate Initiative provides basic information about electric vehicles and their use in the northeastern United States.

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Workplace Charging Employer Resources

Icon of building with trees.These resources offer general advice for employers establishing workplace charging programs.

These resources offer issue-specific advice for employers establishing workplace charging programs.

  • Sample Employee Survey This survey helps employers to assess demand for workplace charging to ensure that the appropriate type and amount of charging equipment is installed.
  • Ride and Drive Kit Ride and Drive events held at the workplace can help raise awareness about PEVs. This kit by Advanced Energy includes a sample waiver and liability form, dealer, event checklist, sample invitation, and more.

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Workplace Charging Challenge Outreach Toolkit

Icon of tools and folder.These tools can assist in promoting workplace charging and can provide information for employers interested in joining the Challenge.

  • Employee Guide to Workplace Charging This simple decision guide by the California PEV Collaborative walks employees through the appropriate steps to convincing their employer to install charging at work.
  • Fact Sheet The Workplace Charging Challenge Fact Sheet provides basic information about workplace charging and describes the benefits of the Workplace Charging Challenge for employers.
  • Clean Cities Find My Coalition Tool Clean Cities consists of nearly 100 coalitions nationwide that help local stakeholders adopt alternative fuel vehicles, including electric vehicles. Use this tool to find a coalition near you.
  • Outreach Letter Template (Clean Cities coordinators) (Ambassadors) Workplace Charging Challenge Ambassadors can easily reach out to employers in their communities who may be interested in offering workplace charging through this sample letter.
  • Outreach Presentation Template (Clean Cities coordinators) (Ambassadors) This PowerPoint presentation serves as a tool to educate employers about workplace charging and assist them in joining the Challenge.
  • Press Release Template (Clean Cities coordinators) (Ambassadors) This sample press release helps Workplace Charging Challenge Ambassadors raise the profile of employers in their communities who are offering workplace charging by 2018 and encourage the adoption of workplace charging among other employers.

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Case Studies

Icon of a stack of binders.These case studies provide insight for employers and researchers who want to learn from employers who have implemented workplace charging at their facilities.

  • Amping Up California Workplaces - This document published by the California Plug-In Electric Vehicle Collaborative provides 20 case studies on PEV charging at workplaces of varied sizes and industries.
  • Biogen Idec: Linking Corporate Sustainability Goals (Case Study) (Video) This study by Advanced Energy looks at how Biogen Idec is taking their sustainability goals beyond direct inputs and outputs by determining how a new technology–unrelated to core business–can be employed to further corporate environmental sustainability efforts.
  • Pentair: A Culture of Corporate Stewardship (Case Study) (Video) Advanced Energy examines how Pentair embraced workplace charging in their corporate sustainability program and demonstrated that employees can contribute to emissions reductions and decreased petroleum use through electric vehicles.
  • North Carolina State University: Leadership in Technology and Research (Case Study) (Video) - This study by Advanced Energy highlights North Carolina State University where plug-in electric vehicles are creating a new research platform as part of a living laboratory.

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Webinars and Presentations

Icon of white board with presentation.These recorded presentations can help to educate employers and employees interested in the successful practices of workplace charging.

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Technical Assistance

Icon of help button.For individualized assistance regarding workplace charging operations, turn to these resources.

  • Workplace Charging Challenge Team - Contact the Workplace Charging Challenge Team at  to determine if your organization can qualify as a Workplace Charging Challenge Partner or Ambassador.
  • Clean Cities' Technical Response Service - Clean Cities' Technical Response Service is available by email or by phone (1-800-254-6735) to answer a variety of questions about electric and other alternative fuel vehicles.
  • Technical Problem Solving for In-Depth Issues - Particularly in-depth issues may require help from our staff at the National Laboratories. Organizations can apply for Tiger Team assistance if they have already attempted to solve the problem on their own and believe solving their problem could help others as well.

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