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EV Everywhere Workplace Charging Challenge: Benefits of Joining

Workplace charging plays a critical role in America's plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) charging infrastructure. Installing workplace charging is a sign of corporate leadership, showing a willingness to adopt advanced technology as well as increasing consumer exposure and access to PEV charging opportunities. Employer-provided PEV charging also serves as an appealing employee benefit that can help attract and retain a cutting-edge workforce. It also enhances corporate sustainability efforts and can be a valuable complement to employee energy education plans.

In support of employers who undertake the Pledge, DOE will provide technical assistance, informational resources, and an information-sharing forum. Additionally, successes made by those who undertake the Pledge will be recognized and the identification of best practices will be disseminated.

Ready to take the Pledge?

Participating organizations will signal their commitment to workplace charging by signing the Workplace Charging Challenge Pledge. The Pledge calls upon America's employers to act as "Partners" and make a bold commitment to provide PEV charging access for their workforce. The Pledge also enlists stakeholder organizations as "Ambassadors" to promote and facilitate workplace charging. If your organization is interested in learning more about the Pledge, please contact