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Illinois: Ozinga Concrete Runs on Natural Gas and Opens Private Station

November 6, 2013 - 12:00am


In 2012, Ozinga Brothers Concrete opened Chicago's first privately owned compressed natural gas fueling station to local businesses and government agencies. The station is specifically designed for medium and heavy-use trucks and buses, but can handle light-duty vehicles and can fill more than 30 vehicles at one time. Since then, Ozinga has added about 110 compressed natural gas cement mixers to its fleet. The fleet bought the first 14 trucks through funding from the Chicago Clean Cities Recovery Act project, while the company made an independent investment to purchase the rest of the trucks and build the station.

The company plans to replace or convert its entire fleet of more than 500 mixing trucks and support vehicles by 2020 in an effort to achieve energy independence and promote alternative energy in Chicago. Since then, Ozinga has opened two more fueling stations. In its expansion plans, Ozinga is also considering opening its stations to the public for general use so motorists can fill up its personal compressed natural gas vehicles. Thanks to Ozinaga's Chicago station, a produce delivery company is converting its entire 65 vehicle fleet (excluding its two all-electric trucks) to compressed natural gas trucks. Ozinga is an active stakeholder in both the Chicago Clean Cities Coalition and the South Shore Clean Cities Coalition.

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