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Project Profile: Brayton Solar Power Conversion System

Brayton Energy logoBrayton Energy, under the CSP R&D FOA, is looking to demonstrate the viability and economics of a new concentrating solar thermal power conversion system.


An image of a 320-square-meter dish with Brayton Energy's power conversion module and a 200-kWe turboalternator and solar receiver.The project focuses on designing and testing the power conversion system and integrating this system with a solar concentrator (dish), demonstrating system performance and viability. A series of component tests and critical technical milestones are planned prior to the final system test.


The system is an innovative concept, incorporating a very large dish with a Brayton-cycle engine and compressed air storage.

Publications, Patents, and Awards

At this time, this project does not have published articles, patents, or awards.

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CSP Program Overview

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