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Workshop: Systems Integration Vision Challenges and Opportunities

May 22, 2014 2:30PM to 5:30PM PDT

Pacific A

Even after achieving the SunShot Initiative’s cost targets for solar energy, successful systems integration will remain as the key barrier to enable significantly higher levels of penetration and growth in solar power generation. To fully realize the SunShot goals, it is critical to address the challenges to successful integration of solar generation into the power grid (both transmission and distribution). SunShot’s Systems Integration (SI) subprogram has developed a vision and action plan with quantifiable metrics to fulfill SunShot’s goals. This workshop will solicit stakeholder feedback on the SI vision and associated metrics and will feature presentations from the SunShot team on various aspects of the SI program and currently funded projects. Via moderated sessions, members of the SunShot team will walk through the SI vision, and engage in discussion with the audience to obtain detailed feedback on how to address the needs of the industry in enabling higher penetration of solar, suitability of the projects being funded, significant gaps that are not addressed by the SI subprogram, and suggestions for a possible re-focus of SunShot’s systems integration efforts.