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Breakout Session: Solar Securitization: Opportunities and Challenges

May 21, 2014 6:30PM to 7:30PM PDT

Avila A & B

The U.S. solar industry is soaring – deployment has increased tenfold in six years. But despite this growth, low cost solar financing remains a major market barrier to rapid deployment. The structural foundations for solar financing are now advancing rapidly, as the SunShot Initiative works to convene and cultivate progress within the solar industry. Moderated by solar securitization expert Michael Mendelsohn from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, this panel discussion will explore U.S. market challenges and opportunities for expanding the pools of investors in solar deployments through proven financial instruments such as asset-backed securities, collateralized loan obligations, and project bonds. 


Michael Mendelsohn
Senior Financial Analyst, National Renewable Energy Lab


Dr. Kevin R. Lang
Director, Solar Generation, Leidos Engineering

Melanie J. Gnazzo
Partner, Asset Securitization, Lease Finance and Tax, Chapman and Cutler LLP 

Jorge Vargas
Vice President, Morgan Stanley