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Breakout Session: The Next Frontier for Solar Deployment: The Mid-Size Market

May 21, 2014 6:30PM to 7:30PM PDT

Laguna A & B

With falling costs, continued process standardization, and available financial incentives, the U.S. solar market, generally classified into residential, commercial, and utility sectors, has witnessed tremendous growth over the last few years. Tremendous diversity exists among end-users that fall within the commercial segment, or the mid-size solar market. System sizes can range from approximately 20kW to 2MW, and technology hosts can include commercial properties, multi-unit residential buildings, industrial entities, distributed wholesale generators, and shared solar projects. Development in the mid-size market will facilitate increased consumer access to the benefits of solar electricity while helping to reach deployment goals. What are game-changers that would unleash the economic potential embodied in the mid-solar sector? What barriers that inhibit this segment of the market? How can utilities enable growth in this market? This session will explore these questions, as well as a short-term vision for the market.


Ben Foster
Senior Vice President, Optony, Inc.

Drew Torbin
Vice President of Renewable Energy, Prologis, Inc.

Scott Sarem
CEO, Co-Founder, Everyday Energy

Michael Kearney
Principlal, Ambri