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Breakout Session: Getting in the Loop: PV Hardware Recycling and Sustainability

May 21, 2014 6:30PM to 7:30PM PDT

Pacific B

As PV system installations continue to ramp up across the United States, the process for handling used and expired PV modules in the next  20-30 years would benefit from serious planning and forethought. This session will explore the major issues related to developing and establishing an operational recycling program for PV modules in the U.S. The discussion will also address key areas of interest: the current status of PV recycling in the U.S. and abroad; value of PV recycling; challenges and barriers to developing PV recycling programs; and lessons learned from related industry-specific recycling efforts.


Eric Masanet
Morris E. Fine Junior Professor, Northwestern University

Sukhwant Raju
Director of Recycling, First Solar

Garvin Heath
Senior Scientist, NREL Strategic Energy Analysis Center