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Technology Fact Sheets

This page contains links to fact sheets describing solid-state lighting, its characteristics, applications, and issues relating to its successful introduction into the marketplace.

SSL Basics

Using LEDs to Their Best Advantage
Exploration of the unique attributes of LEDs, which may make them the right choice for some applications (4 pages, January 2012)

Establishing LED Equivalency
Provides guidance for comparing products based on LED or other light source technologies (2 pages, October 2011)

LED Frequently Asked Questions
What retailers, energy efficiency advocates, and consumers need to know to make informed buying decisions (2 pages, May 2011)

SSL Applications and Product Categories

Upgrading Troffer Luminaires to LED
Provides guidance on the various factors to consider when deciding on an LED upgrade for a fluorescent troffer system. (4 pages, January 2014)

LED Directional Lamps
Provides an overview of the current performance of LED PAR-, BR-, R-, and AR-shaped lamps, which were all investigated by CALiPER in 2012. (2 pages, November 2012)

LED MR16 Lamps
Describes the performance of LED MR16 lamps and discusses electronic compatibility concerns. (4 pages, July 2012)

Recessed LED Downlights
Briefly discusses different LED product types and their performance relative to downlights utilizing traditional lamps. (2 pages, May 2012)

General Service LED Lamps
Compares general service incandescent lamps—i.e., light bulbs—to LED and CFL alternatives (4 pages, April 2012)

SSL Performance Characteristics

LED Color Stability
Addresses key questions about color stability and color shift in LED lighting applications. (2 pages, March 2014)

Lifetime and Reliability
A detailed discussion of failure, lifetime, and reliability as they relate to LED-based products. (4 pages, August 2013)

Discusses flicker metrics, contributing factors, and consequences in addition to comparing the flicker attributes of a sample of conventional and LED sources. (4 pages, March 2013)

Energy Efficiency of LEDs
Characterizes the current state of the market and discusses package efficacy, luminaire efficacy, and application efficacy. (4 pages, March 2013)

SSL Standards and Guidelines
Review of the key performance and safety standards applicable to SSL-based lighting products (2 pages, April 2012)

Understanding LM-79 Reports
Discusses typical content of laboratory reports summarizing LM-79 test results for integrated SSL lamps and luminaires (4 pages, March 2012)

LED Color Characteristics
Reviews the basics of light and color, and discusses a variety of metrics applicable to LEDs for general illumination (4 pages, January 2012)

Health and Safety Issues

Lighting for Health: LEDs in the New Age of Illumination
Provides background on current science and considerations related to LED light and health. (2 pages, May 2014)

Optical Safety of LEDs
Describes current photobiological safety standards, and specifically reviews the optical safety of LEDs with regard to blue light hazard. (4 pages, June 2013)

Light at Night and Human Health
Discussion of potential health implications of light at night (LAN) exposure and how it may affect lighting practice and design (2 pages, January 2010)