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SSL Market Development Workshop


Solid-state lighting is revolutionizing lighting products, systems, and practices in ways we’ve never seen before. But the same unique properties that enable this transformation also present a host of new challenges.

Where are we now? Explore trends and issues related to:

  • Specifying today’s lighting products, from replacement lamps to the latest color changing luminaires
  • Managing and participating in today’s utility programs

What next for SSL? A look ahead:

  • Beyond replacement lamps and luminaires to lighting systems
  • Smart lighting, and how that impacts energy savings
  • Utility lighting programs of the future

Join DOE at the 2014 DOE SSL Market Development Workshop. Learn the latest on today’s toughest lighting issues, and find out what’s next on the horizon. This “meeting of the minds” gathers perspectives from government, industry, cities, utilities, designers, specifiers, retailers, distributors, and others to dissect the latest updates on a market in motion.