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The Solid-State Lighting (SSL) program produces a comprehensive portfolio of publications, ranging from overviews of the program's research activities to information on numerous SSL issues and applications. On this page you'll find links to:

  • DOE Solid-State Lighting Program: Modest Investments, Extraordinary Impacts
    Illustrated overview of the DOE Solid-State Lighting portfolio's programs and activities.

  • Postings
    Weekly updates from DOE covering program events and critical issues impacting the development and market acceptance of SSL.

  • Articles
    Recent articles covering the latest developments in SSL.

  • Program Fact Sheets
    Overviews of SSL programs, initiatives, design competitions, and opportunities to participate.

  • Technology Fact Sheets
    Overviews of specific SSL characteristics, applications, and issues.

  • CALiPER Reports
    A range of reports that use product testing data to describe the current state of the LED market, as well as trends, potential issues, and important areas for improvement.

  • GATEWAY Reports
    Detailed reports and briefs on completed GATEWAY demonstration projects.

  • LED Lighting Facts® Reports
    Product Snapshot reports using data from the LED Lighting Facts product list.

  • Project Reports
    Summaries of SSL research projects funded by DOE.

  • Technical Reports and Briefs
    Reports and briefs that present objective technical analysis.

  • Market Studies
    Lighting market characterization studies that present objective market analysis.

  • Technology Roadmaps
    Multi-year plans outlining SSL goals, R&D initiatives aimed at accelerating technology advances and SSL market penetration, and recent achievements.

  • Product Performance Guides
    Guides to aid in Lighting Facts® program planning and standards development.