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Energy Technologies

State, local, and tribal governments can use clean energy technologies to address increasing energy use and costs, economic investment and development, and energy security and reliability.

Energy Efficiency Technologies

Image of a hallway with closed doors along one side.To meet occupant needs and reduce energy requirements, energy efficiency technologies can be used in commercial, residential, and industrial buildings for both new construction and retrofits. This includes municipal services and lighting for buildings and street/traffic lights. Learn more about energy efficiency technologies.

Renewable Energy Technologies

Image of electric power system.State, local, and tribal governments can use renewable energy technologies to produce sustainable, clean energy from sources such as the sun, wind, plants, heat from the earth, and water. Learn more about renewable energy technologies.

Transportation Technologies

Image of a man plugging in an alternative vehicle.Alternative fuels and advanced vehicles can help state, local, and tribal governments reduce transportation agency expenses, improve infrastructure, and decrease the impacts of transportation-associated activities on the environment. Learn more about transportation technologies.

District Energy Technologies

Image of industrial pipes.District energy technologies—such as combined heat and power and microgrids—can help state, local, and tribal governments effectively generate clean, reliable power for local buildings and facilities. Learn more about district energy technologies.

Energy Project Development, Finance, and Commissioning

Image of a pen and glasses on top of a piece of paper with a header that says Contract. Once clean energy projects have been identified, it’s important for state, local, and tribal governments to follow an effective project development and finance process that includes clear requests for proposals and streamlined commissioning processes. Learn more about project development, financing, and commissioning.