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The Energy Department's Geothermal Technologies Office Releases 2013 Annual Report

February 7, 2014 - 12:00am


The GTO Annual Report, covering milestones and key achievements in the Office's portfolio in calendar year 2013, is now available online. In 2013, the Office saw its first commercial, grid-connected EGS demonstration project, which opens the door to increased industry-wide adoption of in-field and near-field EGS activities.  Additional achievements included developing new tools, sensors, and technologies, and strategic initiatives in exploration techniques, permitting processes, and a deliberate data collection and management system. As we look ahead, GTO will issue a number of funding opportunities in FY14. Two of these opportunities in the hydrothermal program have already been announced:

  • First, a $3 million funding opportunity in play fairway analysis invests in research and modeling that quantifies and reduces risk of exploratory drilling through a technique that maps the most favorable intersections of heat, permeability, and fluid in the subsurface.
  • Another $3 million funding opportunity is focused on the Office's Strategic Materials Initiative: €to help grow U.S. low-to-moderate temperature geothermal resources while supporting a growing demand for rare earths and critical materials that power advanced manufacturing through clean mining technologies.
  • In addition, we seek geothermal community input through an EGS R&D request for information.

More information on our Funding Opportunities can be found at EERE Exchange and through our website. To learn more about Geothermal Technologies Office portfolio, visit our website, peer review presentations, and program areas.