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Water Efficiency Case Studies

These case studies offer examples of water efficiency projects implemented by federal agencies. They are organized by their corresponding best management practice (BMP).

watercs_marshallspacecenter_thumb.jpgNASA's Marshall Space Flight Center Saves Water With High-Efficiency Toilet and Urinal Program: Flight Center developed an innovative replacement program for toilets and urinals by researching appropriate fixtures, demonstrating technologies, and creating specifications for high-efficiency fixtures (BMP #6: Toilets and Urinals).

watercs_boilerupdate_thumb.jpgBoiler Upgrades and Decentralizing Steam Systems Save Water and Energy at Naval Air Station Oceana: Oceana determined that its heating needs could be met more efficiently by replacing its central plant with a combination of distributed boilers and ground source heat pumps (BMP #8: Steam Boiler Systems).

watercs_marshallflight_thumb.jpgNASA's Marshall Space Flight Center Improves Cooling System Performance: Flight Center implemented innovative technologies to improve water efficiency and cooling performance for one of its cooling systems. The program saved the facility more than 800,000 gallons of water in eight months (BMP #10: Cooling Tower Management).

watercs_kitchenappliance_thumb.jpgKitchen Appliance Upgrades Improve Water Efficiency at DOD Exchange Facilities: The Exchange took a leadership role in kitchen appliance upgrades to improve water efficiency by integrating water efficiency concepts into the organization's overall sustainability plan and objectives (BMP #11: Commercial Kitchen Equipment).

watercs_waterefficiency1_thumb.jpgWater Efficiency Improvements at Various U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Sites: EPA projects demonstrate the ability to reduce water use in laboratory and medical equipment by implementing vacuum pump and steam sterilizer replacements and retrofits (BMP #12–Laboratory and Medical Equipment).

watercs_airhandler.jpgAir Handler Condensate Recovery at the EPA Science and Ecosystem Support Division: Severe drought caused EPA to address water conservation and management for its Science and Ecosystem Support Division. The plan aimed to reduce potable water usage through an air handler condensate recovery project.