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Prioritize Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Strategies for Vehicles and Mobile Equipment


Step 5

In order to prioritize the optimal greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction strategies for vehicles and mobile equipment at each local site, Federal agencies should now aggregate the steps previously covered, including:

  • Inventory size
  • Emissions sources/characteristics
  • Available mitigation options
  • Implementation costs
  • Various statutes, mandates and internal agency goals that regulate fleet vehicle acquisition and use.

The local agency missions, as well as the local geographic characteristics, will determine the various strategic priorities for site-level decision-makers. Depending on an agency's organizational structure, headquarters level fleet managers and sustainability personnel should ensure that site-level staff have the necessary data collection tools to be able to analyze, strategically prioritize, and finally report their mitigation efforts. It is important for agencies to define the roles and responsibilities of their headquarters and site-level staff to ensure that strategies are continually refined based on performance.

For example, the roles and responsibilities of the fleet manager at each agency fleet location are to:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of petroleum reduction strategies at each fleet location
  • Communicate best practices to agency fleet management
  • Determine areas of weakness and opportunities for improvement
  • Refine location-specific petroleum reduction strategies based on actual performance.

The role and responsibilities of the agency headquarters fleet manager are to:

  • Evaluate agency-wide petroleum reduction strategies for effectiveness
  • Communicate best practices to fleet managers at individual locations
  • Determine areas of weakness and opportunities for improvement
  • Refine agency-wide petroleum reduction strategies.

To help evaluate scenarios, agency staff will soon be able to test the GHG emissions reduction potential of various mitigation strategies on the Alternative Fuels Data Center's Petroleum Reduction Planning Tool.

Additional Resources

The following resources provide more information for GHG mitigation planning.

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