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New and Underutilized Technology: High Bay LED Lighting

The following information outlines key deployment considerations for high bay LED lighting within the Federal sector.


LED light sources offer several potential benefits compared to metal halide or fluorescent lighting, including reduced energy consumption due to the ability to provide a more precise light distribution; longer operating life and lower maintenance requirements; less heat introduced into the space; and greater controllability for dimming and on/off control. Relevant to the cold storage application, LED performance improves in colder temperatures.


High bay LED lighting is applicable for facilities containing high bay areas.

Key Factors for Deployment

Federal agencies must evaluate relative costs, benefits, and application of the three major high bay technologies before making a deployment decision. These technologies include HID electronic, fluorescent, and LED lighting.

Ranking Criteria

Federal energy savings, cost-effectiveness, and probability of success are ranked 0-5 with 0 representing the lowest ranking and 5 representing the highest ranking. The weighted score is ranked 0-100 with 0 representing the lowest ranking and 100 representing the highest ranking.

Federal Energy Savings Cost Effectiveness Probability of Success Weighted Score
1.6 1.0 3.8 37