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Identify Institutional Change Rules, Roles, and Tools Constituting Context for Sustainability

Graphic showing 5 gears. They progress from Determine Goal to Identify Context-Rules, Roles and Tools to Develop Action Plan to Implement Plan to Measure and Evaluate.
Institutional Change Continuous Improvement Cycle

After determining your agency's institutional change sustainability goals, the next step is to analyze the context within which these goals are to be achieved. Start by identifying the organizational rules, roles, and tools that shape the current context and may influence success in achieving these goals. Identifying the linkages among rules, roles, and tools and how they interact will help in implementing solutions for success.

Learn more about:

  • Rules: The formal and informal rules that affect workplace behavior

  • Roles: The people within an organization who are important to achieving and maintaining sustainability goals

  • Tools: Workplace technologies, systems, and processes used to meet particular needs.

Next Step

After identifying the rules, roles, and tools that may affect the institutional change, you are ready to take the third step to develop an action plan.