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FEMP Designated Product: Lavatory Faucets

FEMP suspended its product designation and purchasing specification for commercial faucets until further notice.

Plumbing codes and standards require a flow rate of 0.5 gallons per minute (gpm) for public lavatory faucets and 0.25 gallons per cycle (gpc) for metered faucets. There are currently too few products on the market with flow rates lower than these requirements. In addition, there is no documentation lavatory faucets with flow rates lower than 0.5 gpm and 0.25 gpc perform in a satisfactory manner.

FEMP continues to monitor market and research activity for commercial faucets and, if warranted, will reissue performance requirements and a purchasing specification for this product type.

More information on water efficiency best management practices related to public lavatory faucets is available at:

More information on private lavatory faucets is available at: