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Federal Energy Management Program Agency Assistance

The Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) offers assistance to help agencies meet federal laws and requirements through the implementation of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies and procurements.  

Browse FEMP's agency assistance options, or contact a FEMP service area specialist below with questions.

Service Area Contacts


Data Centers and Laboratories

RJ McIntosh, 240-474-3212

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Energy-Efficient Products and Water Efficiency

Saralyn Bunch, 202-586-3267


Project Financing

ESPC: Kurmit Rockwell, 202-586-2078
ESPC ENABLE: Ira Birnbaum, 202-287-1869
UESC:  David McAndrew, 202-586-7722
REP: Tracy (Logan) Niro, 202-341-7601


Renewable Energy Projects

Rachel Shepherd, 202-586-9209


Sustainable Buildings and Campuses

Nicolas Baker, 202-586-8215


Sustainable Federal Fleets

Tom Homan, 202-287-1546


Assistance Options

Interagency Partnerships

Need help developing a comprehensive approach to organization-wide energy performance? FEMP partners with federal agencies to explore and develop energy efficiency and renewable energy strategies through one-year interagency partnerships.

Start an interagency partnership.

FEMP Technical Assistance

Need help implementing a renewable energy or fleet management project project? FEMP offers project and procurement assistance through the FEMP Technical Assistance Request Portal.

Submit a technical assistance request.

Technical Assistance from National Laboratories

U.S. Department of Energy national laboratories provide technical and project assistance, training, and resources to help federal agencies meet energy efficiency and renewable energy goals.

Contact a laboratory liaison to discuss options.

Funding Assistance

FEMP provides project assistance through its annual Assisting Federal Facilities with Energy Conservation Technologies (AFFECT) funding opportunity.

Learn about AFFECT.