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Promising Technologies List

Document provides information about promising new and underutilized energy-saving technologies that are commercially available for deployment in the federal and commercial building sectors. It previews a new Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) database scheduled to go live in fall 2015.

To identify promising technologies, the FEMP performed a rigorous analysis with the Prioritization Tool, an analytical tool developed by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Building Technologies Office. The Prioritization Tool evaluates the energy savings potential of energy-efficiency measures and takes into account cost-effectiveness. Using the tool, FEMP identified the 20 individual technologies with the largest potential for cost-effective energy savings if deployed throughout the federal sector. Although individual technologies are identified, a preferred approach to implementing projects that increase the energy efficiency of buildings is a comprehensive approach that deploys many technologies simultaneously within a larger cost-effective project. The comprehensive approach takes advantage of the economies of scale enjoyed by larger projects and allows for more technologies to be deployed.