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Summer Camp 2050

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Energy Efficiency and Conservation


Students will work in small groups to apply knowledge of renewable energy to solve a problem. They will formulate a plan to power a summer camp, considering electrical power, hot water, appliances, costs, and environmental and social impacts. Students must present their plans to a mock city council and justify their choices based on data provided by the teacher.


Math, Social Studies, Communications

Plan Time

2-3 class periods


Handouts included; calculators, reference materials on energy sources.


National Standards: 9-12

  • SEC-E: 1.a. Identify a problem or design an opportunity.
  • SEC-E: 1.b. Propose designs and choose between alternative solutions.
  • SEC-E: 1.d. Evaluate the solution and its consequences.
  • SEC-E: 2.c. Creativity, imagination, and a good knowledge base are required in science and engineering.
  • SEC-F: 3.a. Human populations use resources in the environment to maintain and improve their existence.

National Energy Foundation

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