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Making a Solar Oven

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Students make solar ovens. Student background information is provided. The expected outcome is that students will learn about solar energy transfer.


Science, Social Studies

Plan Time

One class period


Student sheets are included. For every two ovens, you need tri-fold presentation board, scissors, aluminum foil, glue, clear packing tape, clear plastic bags, cooking pot, and food.


National Standards: 5-8

  • INT-B: 3.a. Energy is a property of many substances and is associated with heat, light, electricity, mechanical motion, sound, nuclei, and the nature of a chemical.
  • INT-B: 3.b. Energy is transferred in many ways.
  • INT-B: 3.c. Heat moves in predictable ways, flowing from warmer objects to cooler ones, until both reach the same temperature.
  • INT-B: 3.d. Light interacts with matter by transmission (including refraction), absorption, or scattering (including reflection).
  • INT-B: 3.g. The sun is the major source of energy for changes on the earth’s surface. The sun loses energy by emitting light. A tiny fraction of that light reaches earth, transferring energy from the sun to the earth. The sun’s energy arrives as light with a range of wavelengths.
  • INT-E: 1.c. Implement a proposed design.


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